It's All in the Family at Willow Spring Vineyards

Picture this: an old farm and barn is falling apart, the grounds are overgrown, and nobody is present to take care of it. The prior owner has grown too old and anyone considering taking over has a lot of work to do. Though overwhelming for most, Jim and Cindy Parker saw the opportunity and beauty within. The seven-year long project resulted in Willow Spring Vineyards.

We had a chance to walk the grounds with Events Coordinator / Manager, Jade Jalbert, who has been with her parents at Willow Spring Vineyards since the beginning. Her sister, Brandi Parker, is the Wine Maker / Manager who tests and creates their unique selection of wines. It was inspiring and heartwarming to see how close the family works together to keep things running.

Wines are aged in both oak and steel barrels.

Most of the wines they offer come back year-over-year. The white wines are their flagship and, having tasted the Vignoles, we can see why it's a best-seller. Chilled in the fridge and uncorked after work, this refreshing summer sip with notes of lemon-lime aims to please. Brandi will occasionally mix up the selection and has released unique wines including Indulgence, a sweet dessert wine, and Rhubarb.

Vince Tersigni, Vineyard Manager, gave us a close-up look of the budding grapes. If you've never seen bud break before then you're in for a treat! Nothing is more exciting than seeing and understanding the grape growing process. He walked us through the steps to full maturity while clipping the leaves to make room for more sun to envelop the developing clusters.

Willow Spring Vineyards sees many repeat visitors. Bottles are available for purchase on-site, delivery for Massachusetts residents, and at the Andover and Haverhill farmers markets. Known for their venue, Jade is looking forward to opening their doors again for tastings, gatherings, and major celebrations. Visitors can also consider attending their Farm to Table Dinner with Two Chefs Catering on July 10th at the barn.

Though she loves all of the wines available, we were able to squeeze out a few of Jade's favorites for our little game of Sip, Spill, Cellar. This is a fun way to find out more about an individuals taste preferences and, because we are all different, you may reach for something completely different. That's why we recommend trying them all! After all... wines are meant to be explored.

  1. Sip: Vignoles

  2. Spill: Rhubarb

  3. Cellar: Vidal Blanc

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The family restored the original Willow Springs sign as a tribute to the land's rich history of farming and agriculture. It is and forever will be a humbling reminder of where the vineyard has been and how far they have come as a family.

Find Willow Spring Vineyards' full wine list HERE.

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