15 Virtual Food & Booze Events to Attend This Winter

With the holidays behind us and the new year at its beginnings, now is the perfect time to learn something new. In the past, we've focused on wine but we decided it was best to expand the opportunities to cover the full food & beverage industry. Our team plans on sharing a round-up of virtual food and booze events to attend each season.


Eat, Drink & Learn


01.18 | Exploring Sauvignon Blanc with Sommelier Shelley Bynum

Monday, January 18th ~ 7 PM

Love white wine or want to learn more about it? From New Zealand to France and California, Sommelier Shelley Bynum will be sharing the details behind Sauvignon Blanc. There is a recommended bottle list for tasting during the class.

01.21 | Kendall-Jackson Virtual Cooking Class - All About Crab

Thursday, January 21st ~ 7 PM

Having been born and raised in New England, we love seafood... and KJ wines. In this cooking class, you'll learn the ins and outs of cooking and cleaning a whole crab, something many of us have never done before!

01.26 | Behind the Taproom at Allagash

Tuesday, January 26th ~ 4 PM

The QC2 lab is popping the top off at Allagash Brewery in Maine. The episode will show you a sneak peek into their quality control program along with a bit of history on how their program got started. Plus, you can jump in with questions of your own.

01.28 | Speaker Series: Privateer's Maggie Campbell

Thursday, January 8th ~ 6 PM ($15)

Our former podcast guest, Maggie Campbell, from Privateer Rum will be joining Massachusetts-based Rebel Rebel Wine Bar for their Speaker Series event. They will be discussing inclusivity in the alcohol industry, her love of distilling, and more.

01.29 | 'Grande Cuisine to Grand Opera: The History of French Food & Opera'

Friday, January 29th ~ 5:30 PM ($10)

This one is for our fellow history buffs. Love learning about cuisines? The New York Adventure Club will be exploring classic Parisian food and opera, and how these two great aspects of French culture evolved and impacted the world we know.



02.03 | Cooking at Home with Molly Stevens: The Art of the Braise

Wednesday, February 3rd ~ 6 PM ($25+)

It's no secret, we love the team at Milk Street. This event on braising will be led by cookbook author, Molly Stevens. If you've ever been curious about braising and want to get more comfortable with the technique, this event is a great fit for you.

02.06 | The World & Taste of Coffee

Saturday, February 6th ~ 10 AM ($15)

For $15 (including coffee), you can join our friends at Coffee Hounds Coffee Co. for a morning of history, tasting, and roasting. Plus, you will learn about brewing coffee at home and have an open forum to ask any questions you might have.

02.11 | Valentine's Day Wine Pairing feat. Campo Viejo and SkinnyDipped

Thursday, February 11th ~ 6 PM

Nothing screams "Hey, Valentine" like a sweet gift. This Valentines Day event with Campo Viejo and SkinnyDipped will include live music, giveaways, and a unique tasting session. If you love sweet & salty and you love wine, this live event is a great fit for you!

02.18 | Art After Dark: Feast Your Eyes

Thursday, February 18th ~ 6 PM

In this one-of-a-kind experience, the Hood Museum of Art will explore the intersection of art and food. Co-op Culinary Learning Center Educator Lindsay Smith showcases the composition of food-centric art with a following cheeseboard building session.

02.26 | Italian Mixology Class: Bittersweet Symphony

Friday, February 26th ~ 4 PM

Ready to perfect your negroni? In this class, join a mixologist in Florence to learn how to make a winning negroni and explore the history behind sparkling cocktails like Puccini and the Spritz. Ingredients and tools are listed on the event page.



More events will be posted for March soon!

03.26 | Interesting Inclusions in White Chocolate

Friday, March 26th ~ 7 PM ($35)

This class is a great opportunity to brush up on your chocolate expertise; it's not often we see white chocolate as the center of attention. You'll get to taste and learn about white chocolate inclusions like Pump Street's Brown Bread and Amedei's Pistacchi.


There are so many opportunities that we couldn't possibly fit them all. That being said, we encourage you to look up your favorite winemakers, distributors, and shops to see if they are offering virtual classes or tastings to participate in.

We will continue to post updates to this list as new events are announced.

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