Potato Cakes & Chicken Fritters | Eataly Challenge

Your recipe bank should include a meal to satisfy those fried food cravings and these Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking recipes could be just that for you. We decided to make the Chicken with Provencal Herbs Fritters and Potato Cakes with Black Olives, Zucchini, and Carrots on the same night.

Together they were too much for two people but these would be a hit at any family gathering or barbecue you brought them to this summer. Both were relatively easy to make and were perfect for dipping. And, let's be real, sometimes you need a good excuse to line-up your favorite condiments and get to dipping.

We love that the potato cake recipe recommends playing around with ingredients to find something that you'll love. We went by the book this time around but will definitely try out a variety of fillings next time. One thing I will say is these were not spicy at all so if you like a little (or a lot) of heat, consider adding jalapeños or another hot pepper. You could even go crazy and make a buffalo potato cake - we'd try 'em!

The chicken fritters called for the herbs de Provence spice which we had never used before. We picked up the McCormick Gourmet, Herbes De Provence and loved the how the mix tasted in our finished product. In retrospect, I think this dish would taste perfect with a lemon or garlic aioli or another creamy but light sauce/dip.

We went with the Monte Ronca Soave Monte Calvarina 2016 from Soave, Veneto, Italy. The wine, made with the indigenous Garganega grape, has herbal aromas that complemented the spices and vegetables we included in these dishes. The wine was the perfect body to pair with our rather heavy meal.

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