Osso Buco & Onion Soup | Eataly Challenge

What really got me was the texture of the meat. It was very tough to eat. Paul disagreed on that point but didn't love the flavor. One of his all-time favorite dishes is a traditional Osso Buco so he is a pretty harsh judge. And, like I've told you all before, Paul is quite the home chef himself so I was surprised to hear this. Unfortunately, I make him follow the book when he wants to steer off and into the world of kitchen creativity; it's impressive how he's able to veer off a recipe and make something even better.

The soup was easily the most disappointing part of this dish. Should we have made it in the heat? Definitely not. Was it still just not tasty? You bet. There was WAY too much onion in this recipe. We both love french onion soup and extra onion of everything but every bite of this bowl was a mouth full of watery onion. I caution anyone who does not like onions in excess to stay very far away from making this recipe.

This bottle of vino was a fair pairing. The Pedra Do Cribo from Albarino between light and medium bottle with with a very dry, acidic mouthfeel. It was easy to drink but, like the dish, the bottle was not on the top of our list. Though I've had many Albarino wines I've liked, I would not reach for this particular bottle again soon.

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