An Inspiring Start & Story for Nashoba Valley Winery

We had the privilege of chatting with Justin Pelletier, COO of Nashoba Valley Winery, and were inspired by his family's beginnings. Justin's father, a contractor in the community, heard the land was going to be sold and felt empowered to save it. With the help of the town, he purchased the land with a clause designating a portion of the land had to be used for agricultural purposes; not buildings.

They converted the house to a restaurant, the garage to a brewery, and, since 1995, have continued to expand the business. You could say they are a true treasure within their community. Having been purchased as a small winer, the family started out by producing fruit wines. What's truly exceptional is their ability to source and, thereby, support local farms. Of their ingredients, the apples are primarily sourced from all around Massachusetts, cranberries from Cape Cod, and blueberries from Maine.

They will produce over 17,000 cases of wine this year!

More recently, they have introduced grape wines. We got our hands on the malbec and were impressed with the flavor. Compared to the average malbec, the wine was very fruit-forward with a bit of sweetness. We very much enjoyed it! Other grape wines they have available and highly recommend include the Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Verdot Rose, and their fan-favorite Blueberry Merlot.

Justin highlighted the Cranberry Apple Wine as one of their best-sellers; especially in the fall and for Thanksgiving dinner. It would be unlikely you'd find such a unique blend if not in the "Heart of Apple Country" where the fruit is locally sourced. We are looking forward to picking up a bottle for pairing with our turkey dinner this fall!

Traditionally you could show up on site to do a tasting, purchase a bottle of wine, and enjoy it on their grounds with friends & family. Justin sees Nashoba Valley Winery as a beautiful place to relax, enjoy some high quality wine, and spend time with friends and family while getting away from the frustrations of the city. Having taken the trip out there ourselves and seeing the grounds, we couldn't agree more.

Though we couldn't ask Justin to pick favorites, we did decide to play a game called Sip, Spill, Cellar to find out what his preferences looked like. Sip is a wine you'd regularly have on your dinner table, Spill is one you could go without, and Cellar is the treasured wine you have on special occasions. Justin's choices?

  1. Sip: Sauvignon Blanc

  2. Spill: Merlot

  3. Cellar: 2018 Malbec

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Because wine is our thing we chose to focus on that but we could write a novel on the incredible brews and spirits they offer on-location as well. Just last year they put a million-dollar expansion on their distillery, Nashoba Valley Spirits, which offers everything from gin to whiskey and vodka to brandy. If you ask us, it's definitely worth sipping on their local spirits.

They are hoping to open their doors to visitors again soon. In the meantime, Massachusetts residents can visit for curbside pickup or order online.

Find Nashoba Valley Winery's extensive wine list HERE.

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