Hitting High Notes with Smith Devereux Wines

In Episode 3 of The Uncorked Corner Podcast we welcomed co-founder of Smith Devereux Wines, wine director at San Francisco magazine, and musician: Ian Devereux White. During this episode, we discuss what makes Smith Devereux Wines and it’s co-founder strike a chord with their audience.

From creative partnerships with artists to the passion to make great wine accessible to everyone, Ian gave us an insider look at Smith Devereux Wines award-winning quality and individuality. Ian embodied the positive spirit and character of the wines they share, spending close to an hour answering all of our questions with enthusiasm. It was one of the most dynamic interviews we've had yet!

Their story is an unusual one that peaked both of our interest. As non-professional wine drinkers, it is refreshing to see a modern approach to the wine-making process. Their focus on building authenticity by partnering with carefully selected artists is an effort to admire. It is also something we could all take notes from as we plan our own brand positioning amidst the ever-changing space that is social media.

With an affordable range of wines, their Wine Club is worth looking into. Members of the club get discounted pricing, special access to swag and events, and complimentary tastings and vineyard tours when the property is open.


Listen to the full podcast:

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