4 Spooky Halloween-Themed Cocktails

Thanks to our friend and podcast guest Julia Halina Hadas, Founder and Mixologist at Witchcraft Cocktails, for creating these for the show.

Although the world may be shut down this Halloween, you can still celebrate this spooky holiday with these boo-sy drinks from Julia at Witchcraft Cocktails. This blog coincides with our most recent podcast that featured Julia to discuss these cocktails, some food and candy pairings, and even a live demo from Julia making us one of these delicious cocktails. With ingredients many of us have stocked on our home bars, these cocktails were concocted with the home cocktail-artist in mind.

If you find you're missing some ingredients, we recommend stocking up on the essentials as they would make great staples to add to your bar. These will expand the array of cocktails that you have access to you in your own home! If you are looking for more cocktail recipes, Julia’s blog and her book “Witchcraft Cocktails” are a great resource. You can pick up the book HERE.

Black Sun

a Spicy Margarita with Ghost Tequila

The Recipe:

  • 1.5 Oz. of Ghost Tequila

  • 1 Oz. of Lime Juice (Fresh Squeezed is best)

  • .5 Oz. of Agave Syrup

  • 1 Oz. of Blood Orange Juice

  • Black Salt for the rim of the glass

  • Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

This one is simple! Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker with some ice, shake, and strain it into a glass. For the rim, cut a notch in a quarter-slice of lime, slide it around the glass until it is coated with lime juice, then dip the glass into a shallow dish filled with the salt. This is optional but will definitely add some Halloween color to your cocktail.

We recommend pouring this recipe into a margarita glass, if available. But, you can always enjoy in a traditional highball glass.

Candy Pairing: Atomic Fireballs, Starburst, Dark Chocolate with Chili Pepper

Witch's Wand

an Appletini with a Twist

The Recipe:

  • .75 Oz. Bourbon

  • 1 Oz. Sour Apple Schnapps

  • .5 Oz. Lemon Juice

  • .5 Oz. Vanilla Simple Syrup

  • 2 Dashes Walnut Bitters

  • 2-4 Dashes Rosewater (optional)

  • .25 Oz. Elderflower Liqueur

You can pull this one together by combining all of your ingredients in a shaker with ice, and strain into a glass. We recommend using a martini glass or coupe glass if you have any on hand. You can also replace the walnut bitters and vanilla syrup with Proof Black Walnut Cocktail Syrup to mix up the flavor.

Candy Pairing: Sour Patch Kids, Sour Apple Jolly Ranchers, Caramel/Candy Apples

Basic Witch

a Pumpkin Spice Martini

The Recipe:

  • 2 Oz. Vodka

  • .5 Oz. Amaretto

  • .5 Oz. Proof Pumpkin Spice Syrup

  • .5 Oz. Cinnamon Schnapps

  • .5 Oz. Half and Half

Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake, and strain into your glass. We recommend straining into a martini glass or coupe glass. You can use either plain or vanilla vodka to sweeten the flavor in your glass.

Candy Pairing: Reese’s Cups, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon Sugar Donut

Coffee Ouija

an Espresso Martini with some additions

The Recipe:

  • 1/8 Oz. Absinthe

  • 2 Oz. Gin

  • 4 Dashes of Walnut Bitters

  • 1 Oz.Coffee Liqueur

  • .5 Oz. of Vanilla Simple Syrup

  • .75 Oz. of Coffee or Espresso

This recipe requires a couple of extra steps but is worth the effort. It starts with making some real coffee. Drip or French press are fine but espresso will kick the coffee flavor up a notch. Expect more coffee flavor and less gin if this is the approach you take. Drip coffee will be the most mild and most gin-heavy.