10 Food & Beverage Brands to Support on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was created back in 2012 to encourage people from all around the world to do good by giving back in some way. Volunteering in your local soup kitchen or donating a basket of canned goods to the shelter is a great way to give. But, it's important to take giving into consideration all year round. There are many mission-driven brands who make doing good a part of their foundation.

Now you've arrived to the VIP (very important point)... your purchases can and do have an effect on the world we live in. You can eat and drink while doing good by purchasing from this curated selection of food and beverage brands, all of which we love. Each of these companies gives back to their communities in a big way so you can feel good about purchasing, consuming, and spread the word about their missions.


From bold flavors to kickass packaging, this is coffee we never tire of having in our mugs. Heart & Soul, of course, is a perfect fit for giving. The founders at Brewtality make it their mission to support Save The Music, a program that believes in the power of music for students. Shop the brews HERE.

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Ehlers Estate

This Napa Valley vineyard and winery has a notable portfolio of both red and white wines. Jean and Sylviane established the Leducq Foundation to support research around cardiovascular disease and stroke, bringing great wine and a great cause together for the long haul. Find their wines HERE.

Endangered Species Chocolate

Do you have a soft spot for animals? Endangered Species Chocolate partners with National Forest Foundation and The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund to support wildlife around the globe. Plus, their chocolate is tasty and is beautifully packaged (hello, holidays!). Shop the spirit HERE.

High West Distillery

This Park City distillery makes American Prairie, a flavorful whiskey that supports the American Prairie Reserve. 10% of after tax profits from each bottle of American Prairie go towards protecting and preserving natural resources across the United States. Shop the spirit HERE.

King Arthur Baking Company

With all of the bread baking we've been doing, we had to include King Arthur on this list. Their Bake For Good program supports students from grades four through 12 with essential lessons in math, science, and giving. Traditionally the students would donate the bread to support hunger relief programs. Shop their products HERE.

Maine Beer Company

In tune with the states motto of "The way life should be" Maine Beer Company cares about sustainability and their environmental footprint. In addition to 1% For The Planet, they support several other charities and non-profit programs that are making change across the state. Shop their hops HERE.

Proud Pour

The team at Proud Pour was one of our first podcast guests so they have a special spot on this list. Not to mention their charitable contributions that 5x the typical give back company. Their wines and cider plant bee habitats, restore oyster beds, feed sea turtles, and grow and plant coral. Shop the wines HERE.

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Purple Heart Wines

Our grandfather, Thomas Luciano, has a Purple Heart from his time in the US Army so this red wine means something to us (he's one of the bravest men we know!). Purple Heart Wines donates to the Purple Heart Foundation supporting military men, women and families every year. Shop their wine HERE.

Vermont Creamery

Companies give back in many ways and Vermont Creamery is one of them. This New England company has fantastic cheese and shares an annual mission report highlighting their charitable efforts. From paid volunteer time to product and monetary donations, they make giving a part of their overall strategy. Explore their cheeses HERE.

Victory Coffees

The Founder of this veteran owned and operated company, Cade, knows how important our soldiers are because he was one. To continue giving back, Cade donates coffee to veterans homes and hospitals and participates in events supporting vets throughout the year. Shop the brews HERE.

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We look forward to another year of giving with charitable brands!

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