Fillet of Beef with Pistachios | Eataly Challenge

This is the kind of recipe you go to bed dreaming about. It was, best put, pure bliss. Though the timing in the book was off, Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking recommended the perfect combination of ingredients and flavors in this dish. Plus, I would never turn down a juicy filet.

Like many of our Eataly recipes, the ingredients came fresh from Tendercrop Farms here in Boston's North Shore. And, to turn up the eat a tad, we added a dash of hot pepper to the pistachios. These incredible cuts (see below photo) wrapped in bacon and seasoned with salt and pepper are absolutely mouthwatering... don't even get us started on how good the kitchen smelled when they were in the skillet.

We used the Hyde Estate Wine Syrah in the recipe and for drinking. It was one of my favorites at the winery and remains true in our home. The flavors of the wine, meat, and fat from the bacon were truly extraordinary. And to top of the dish we made a very simple mashed potato to soak up each the plate's juices.

The only thing I would recommend is being conscious of your cook time. The recipe recommended only two to three minutes but that was just too short for us. Really, it all depends on how you like your steaks cooked. Then, bake as it calls for and broil for a minute so it ends up with a slight char on the outside.

Explore the Hyde Wines collection on their website:

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