Crostini with Sausage | Eataly Challenge

Add this to your next dinner party list because it's crowd-worthy. I love a crostini with any topping but the combination of soft cheese and sausage was way more of a savory bite than one might expect. In fact, it's pretty filling! If I was to go back and make this recipe again I would thin the bread slice and make more crostinis instead of trying to fit everything onto the ones we had.

The recipe in Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking called for creamy soft cheese so we decided to go with our favorite packaged mozzarella: BELGIOISO. And for sausage we went with New England's own Bianco & Sons Italian Sausage Meat. For those who are unfamiliar they are a company based out of Medford, MA that makes marinated meats and sausages in addition to their retail store menu.

What's especially great about this recipe is it's versatility. You can swap out the cheese or the sausage flavor and add some spices to make it a different way every time and it's sure to come out delicious. This is definitely one of those that would be hard to mess up unless you completely overcooked the crostinis (even then I'd probably eat them).

As I'm writing this Paul said "oh yeah, I loved those sausage crostinis" and said we should make them again. I'm telling you all these are a must; even more-so when you have them accompanied by a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio. We love the Santa Margherita white wines for summer sips and pairings.

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