Eating Our Way Through Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking

After rewatching Julie & Julia we were inspired to take on a cooking challenge of our own. We’ve had Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking tucked in the kitchen cabinets for quite some time and decided it was a perfect fit for the occasion.

The cookbook is a collection of unique Italian-inspired dishes that can be made at home. It has over 300 recipes and we are cooking one or two a day until we round out the whole book. Our goal in this is to become better chefs while nurturing our understanding of food and wine pairings.

Paul is a contractor and has always loved to cook meats but doesn’t have as much experience with vegetable and grain-based dishes while I, Bianca, have just about no cooking experience whatsoever. Since I was young, I have loved to bake but slicing and dicing was intimidating until recently.

The stay at home experience has been a great opportunity to push each other to test out new recipes and be more creative in the kitchen. We hope you will join us as we stir and steam our way through Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking.

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