Donut and Wine Pairings | National Donut Day 🍩

Get your sweet tooth ready because June 5th is National Donut Day.

Donuts are not frequently associated with wine because they are traditionally looked at as a breakfast treat. Most often when we think of eating a donut we picture a fresh baked box sitting on our counter alongside a piping hot (or iced) coffee. Though it may sound unusual to pair donuts and wine, who wouldn't love biting into a sugary treat for an afternoon cheat or dessert? Count us in!

Looking at donut and wine pairings for National Donut Day opens up a 'hole' new world of flavor. From savory to sweet and fruity to chocolatey, there is a never ending list of donut varieties that could send you down the donut pairing rabbit hole. Because we would never be able to cover all of the possibilities, we polled our family and friends for our National Donut Day pairing recommendations.


Old-Fashion & Champagne: The tried-and-true donut where it all began with a glass of bubbly that has a history of it's own.

Apple Fritter & Riesling: The semi-sweet flavor notes of a riesling are sure to complement the bursts of apple and sugar in this pairing.

Buttercrunch & Chardonnay: The smooth, rounded-out flavors in your glass of chardonnay will be a match made in heaven with your buttercrunch donut.

Chocolate Glazed & Merlot: The light and delightful flavor notes of a merlot will pick up the chocolate and sugar in all of the best ways.

Jelly & Red Blends: Talk about fruit! This pairing includes an explosion of fruity flavors, textures, and aromas. If you're going all out in a donut, why not go all in on a blend?

Strawberry Frosted & Rose: Asides from the color match, the strawberry flavors in your donut and rose will complement one another perfectly.

Blueberry & Pinot Noir: Here's one we're excited about. A pinot noir with aromas and tastes of berries will make your blueberry donut that much better.

Honey Dipped & Chenin Blanc: You're not a big fruit person and reach for something more neutral. We love the balance of an off-dry chenin blanc with a honey-dipped bite.


We hope you got the opportunity to enjoy donuts today, National Donut Day. It's not every day we have an excuse to grab a dozen from our local baker!

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