15 Shows and Movies for Food & Wine Lovers

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Staying home has changed most of our daily routines. Before the mandated stay at home experience we rarely watched TV. But, with all of this extra time, it has become our to-do. Food and wine movies and series are naturally at the top of our list. In today's blog we wanted to uncork and pour a few of our favorites for you!

All About the Vino

  1. Uncorked

  2. Somm

  3. Decanted

  4. Sour Grapes

  5. Bottle Shock

Take Us to the Vineyards

  1. A Walk in the Clouds

  2. Wine Country

  3. Under the Eiffel Tower

  4. Under the Tuscan Sun

  5. Destination Wedding

For the Foodies

  1. Rotten

  2. Chef's Table

  3. Cooked

  4. Ugly Delicious

  5. Flavorful Origins

Looking for a wine that will pair with just about any movie night choice? That bottle of red, white, or rose that is perfect for sipping throughout your binge-watching experience doesn't have to be fancy. Pop your Movie Theatre Butter and uncork a chilled Buttercream Chardonnay, Imagery Pinot Noir, or Meiomi Rose for a great night in.

We hope you enjoy binging these food & wine favorites.

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