10 of Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

In Episode 54 of the podcast, our co-hosts Bianca and Nick talk about a few of their favorite kitchen gadgets. Because they couldn't limit it to just three... each (they get a bit carried away), we've put together a round-up of the top 10. These are all great tools to add to your collection one gadget at a time.

Upgrade your kitchen with some of our favorite gadgets


Panini Press

The product that makes every sandwich better: a panini press. Nick and Alex love using theirs and are ready to convince the masses to get one too. The best part? Some even have a waffle attachment available!

Available on Amazon for $60.

Meat Grinder

A meat grinder is one of Paul's most used products. The (future) Hanson residence always has fresh game. There are stand grinders but the KitchenAid attachment makes grinding smoother and saves space in the cabinet.

Available on Amazon for $80.

Sous Vide

The Starbucks sous vide egg bites are always in our order. But why go there when you can make them at home? Not to mention the sous vide takes meals to the next level and Anova has a handy app so you can find new recipes.

Available on Amazon for $129.

Knife Sharpener

Nick takes his knives very seriously so it's no surprise a knife sharpener is on his list of necessities. From whetstone to electric and everything in between, there are knife sharpeners in a wide range of price-points.

Available on Amazon for $15.

Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers are great for many reasons. From sealing cheeses and meats to fresh produce, this gadget helps keep your food fresh for the long term. It's also a perfect companion for the Anova sous vide.

Available on Amazon for $80.

Food Processor

We questioned whether or not this can be considered a gadget but it's great for so many things. The food processor works for shredding, grating, slicing, pureeing, and more. It's a must-have in every kitchen.

Available on Amazon for $230.

Bagel Guillotine

The only guillotine we want in our kitchen (ha!). This is one of the best kitchen inventions around. Nick and Bianca disagree on the bagel slicing struggle but there's no question the guillotine makes for a perfect slice!

Available on Amazon for $19.

Coffee Warmer

The most underrated gadget of all time: the coffee warmer. At home or in the office, we all have somewhere we want to keep our coffee warm. Keep your mug warm and fresh so you always have a caffeine boost.

Available on Amazon for $11.

Ratchet Mill

Salt and pepper is a staple in just about every dish. The Sur La Table Ratchet Mill makes it possible to adjust the thickness of your grind to suit your preference. And it's not a bad looking gadget to have on the table!

Available on Sur La Table for $19.99.

Weber iGrill 2

For grill masters and bread bakers alike, the Weber iGrill 2 is a kitchen essential. The multiple probes make monitoring easy and hook up to a phone app so you can keep an eye on what's cooking from afar.

Available on Crate & Barrel for $109.95.


You can shop more of our Amazon favorites HERE.

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